Did you know that most recruiters don’t spend more than 6 seconds reviewing your CV?

Having that in mind we, from Double Helix, prepared a few tips that you can start using to update your CV and outstand in the world of big pharma.

Here are some of them that you should start following:

  • Avoid using generic statements for your experiences. Be specific. – Use as many keywords as you can. Include acronyms that you use or used, for example, HPLC, ELISA, FTIR.
  • Make your CV easy to read and understand. Maximum of 3 pages and with fast access to keywords on it.
  • Tailor your CV for every new specific job you’re applying for. Having in mind that different positions require attention to different keywords and techniques.
  • Remember to include key achievements. Explaining, in your specific case, what did you learn with each experience you had.

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