VR helps chemists to visualize complex molecules

What one thing do scientists really need to help them discover new life-saving drugs?
Virtual Reality technology!
In the drug-discovering virtual world, for the first time, scientists can get up close and personal with the drugs they are designing. Drug discovery company (C4X Discovery Ltd)has developed its own VR tool, 4Sight, to help its chemist visualise the structure of complex molecules and come up with new drugs. C4X Discovery Ltd develops new drugs for conditions like cancer and chronic addiction and is also using virtual reality technology to develop drugs which treat respiratory conditions and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and dementia.

Thorsten Nowak, a medicinal chemist at C4XD, says: “Chemists tend to be visually-oriented people, but their imaginative work as scientists is limited by not being able to visualise molecules in any great detail; now, with the new technology, they are able to see the molecule right before them, as well as the range of shapes it might take.”

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